At least if people understood, that would provide some consolation, but people are just so fucking stupid, and worse, so so unappealing, devoid of any substance, lacking any noble traits, absent in any selfless struggle, removed from any reflection that does not serve their self-interest, missing anything even closely resembling a spine that would enable both courage and principle, all signalled by the vacancy in their eyes, and a barrenness in their essence, where the only activities held on this desolate plain unjustly described as their soul, are shallow blind obsessions, obsession with wealth, serving material pleasures and infatuations, obsession with status, feeding insatiable ego’s, and this fucking obsession with romantic love, that seeks to indulge this ungrateful, selfish, needy, pathetic heart, unable to beat by itself, without the need of holding someone’s hand. Such flimsy obsessions, destined to abandon its slaves, over and over again, yet still, each placed on pedestals, foolishly worshipped as gods. [… read full post]

I’m hoping however that my poker face is concealing most of my emotions, but if I’m honest, I do feel my utter disgust in people is constantly waging war against my will, a war fought on the surface of my face, and if I’m brutally honest, I know it’s a coin toss as to who wins those battles. I really need to address this. I always felt it unwise to wear your heart on your sleeve. The heart is behind the rib cage for a reason. Feelings need to be hidden, protected, otherwise you’re just begging to be manipulated. No. Not me. I will do the manipulating thank you very fucking much. […read full post]

… I know these kids well though, I know my scores are five percent either way of what they would actually get. Only a gifted and experienced teacher can accomplish such a feat. It’s almost a shame not to use such talents. Besides, Tovsky will get a hardon if he finds out I didn’t complete reports on time. I’ll have to watch that incompetent fuck cum in his pants while riding his fucking high horse. No, I can’t give him the satisfaction. It’s almost a moral obligation to make sure that doesn’t happen.
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… I whip my head around and see Mrs Lauder, the librarian. Her eyes are firmly fixed downwards on Donnatella, who is on her knees, still in tears. She then snaps her eyes on to mine. There is fear in those eyes, yet there is disgust in her expression. She takes a step towards the cubicle, slowly extending her arm towards Donnatella.

“Come with me honey” she quivers, urging Donnatella to come out, to get away, to get away from that predator. [… read full post]

… The message didn’t come as a surprise. I already knew she was depressed. I knew because, the vibe I felt, was all too familiar, allowing me to tune into that frequency where those silent screams are heard. Screams so deafening, if it ever existed in this material world, hearts would freeze, buildings would tremble, and a spectacular dance of shattered glass would rain. However, more impressive and more devastating than that, in the realm beyond, these silent screams are able to shatter one’s soul. [… read full post]