#0 – Disclaimer


Due to the nature of my work, identities need protecting. So names and places have been changed. However, due to the content being extremely detailed, this step alone would not be enough. As a result, I’ve given myself artistic freedom to fictionalise some parts of my confessions when necessary in order to safeguard these identities. Yet even in these moments of creativity, it’s seriousness, or humour, is always on par with what had actually happened.

It is difficult to say what this fact to fiction ratio is. On many entries, it is only fact, on others, the ratio could be as high as 50:50. And just a warning, some of my entries are so outrageous, that you may believe it cannot possibly be true, and that this disclaimer is just a clever marketing ploy. It is my hope that every reader will come to this conclusion, for the protection of all identities concerned, mine included, is more important than anything else.

Lastly, if this experiment in self-therapy can provide solace to those experiencing similar challenges and failures, then I will deem it as a success, irrespective of whether readers believe these confessions are entirely fictional.

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