#5 – Keeping work at work


I drop a pile of unmarked exams on top of my pile of unmarked exams. It dawns on me that I really need to start marking these papers soon. It’s been staring at me for a couple of weeks now, growing the whole time, taunting me, refusing to go down. If only a cold shower would work on those exams the same way it does on my morning hard-ons.

The thought of taking them home to mark is too depressing. Still, I put them in my bag anyway. It makes me feel good, knowing that I’ve done the right thing, at least for that brief moment.

“Hey Paul, when are reports due?”

“You still have a couple of weeks”, he replied.

You still have? Cocky mother fucker. Why not we still have? Due date is for all the teachers you cunt.

“You finished marking?” I asked, raising my eyebrows to exaggerate my shock, but genuinely curious to find out the extent of how better organised my colleagues are.

“Finished four sets of papers. I have the Year 9s doing their test on Thursday. I will finish marking those Thursday night and I will be done”.

“Sheeesh, Mr Paul Cleary, on fi-ya!”

He smirked in appreciation to my complimentary tone. I wish I only taught Math. Try marking forty five English essays in the same time you marked those Maths exams you prick.

I didn’t bother putting things in perspective for him. I didn’t want to come across as petty. Besides, people with big ego’s cannot be reasoned with. Reasoning requires humility, that is, the ability to remain faithful to reason by being open to recognise that someone other than yourself may have a more rational, more plausible point than your own.

In any case, I decide against taking my exams home to mark. It will feel like I’m trying to compete with this fucker. I take them back out of my bag and drop them on my desk.


“So we have a couple of weeks huh, plenty of time”

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